I am currently the Head of Online Programme (Unlocking Film Heritage) for the BFI.

Before that, for several years, I was the producer of various film websites for the BBC; primarily Film Network, but also BBC Movies, BBC Films and Mark Kermode Uncut.

The details of this work can be seen on my LinkedIn profile here.


Between the BBC and the BFI I also freelanced for many different clients including Lighthouse, iFeatures (Creative England), YouTube and Johnston Press. In a freelance capacity I have worked in the fields of  script/talent development, website production and film journalism/criticism.


I’ve written for various publications including Vérité Film Magazine and Wow247 website. The largest amount of writing I’ve done over the past few years has been for the Critic’s Notebook website. This is a blog formed by graduate students at NYU Tisch School of the Arts Cinema Studies department and the British Film Institute’s Postgraduate Film Journalism course.

All my writings for it are here: http://www.criticsnotebook.com/jamesrocarols.html

Video production

Alongside the reams of text pieces I wrote for the BBC I also produced quite a lot of video. While I wouldn’t profess to be a professional editor, below are some examples of some interviews in which I interviewed the talent and edited the resulting material. In most cases the film was shot by junket cameramen, but the StreetDance piece was filmed by Steve Bailey and the Perfect Sense one by Paul Boyd.

Project Nim interview with James Marsh:

Perfect Sense interview with David Mackenzie:

Made In Dagenham interview Stephen Woolley, Elizabeth Karlsen

In Our Name interview Brian Welsh, Michelle Eastwood

StreetDance set visit:

Nowhere Boy interview with Sam Taylor-Wood (the first piece I ever edited!)

Here are some examples of some content that I did the lighting for, while assisting Marc Conneely, who filmed the pieces:

Silent Witness: Emilia Fox intro
Silent Witness: William Gaminara intro
Silent Witness: Tom Ward intro


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